At Non-Emergency Ambulatory Transportation Services, provide specialist transport services to the healthcare sector. We understand that this is a dynamic and ever-changing industry, with a rapidly changing political landscape that sets out growing needs and performance expectations, tightening costs and reducing carbon emissions.

We are an all-inclusive service providing Basic Life Support (BLS), wheelchair transportation, and medical taxi transportation and as the largest provider of non-emergency ambulance services in the Riverside County, we have a wealth of knowledge and experienced members.

Bariatric Stretchers Bariatric Stretchers

Bariatric stretchers Transportation

Bariatric stretchers transportation requires a special level of care along with custom made stretchers and wider vehicles so that bariatric stretchers fit comfortably inside. It requires certain knowledge and equipment in order to keep patients safe and comfortable at all times.

Gurney Transportation Gurney Transportation

Gurney Transportation

It includes transfer to and from bed. We utilize specially modified vans and ambulance cots to transport patients safely. The client will remain on the gurney throughout the entire trip.

Wheelchair Transportation Wheelchair Transportation

Wheelchair Transportation

When you are wheelchair bound, getting a ride to medical appointments or for other reasons can often be difficult. Though friends and family try their best, they aren’t always available when you need them.

Ambulatory Transportation Ambulatory Transportation

Ambulatory Transportation

We are equipped to transport passengers of any level of mobility. Whether you are in a stretcher, a wheelchair, or walk with a walker or a cane, or you are 100% mobile, we have got the ride for you.

Rate Schedule

Ambulatory Passenger
( Monday – Friday) One way
$22.00 pick up fee
$2.00 Per Mile (First 3 miles are free)
Wheelchair Rates
(Mon-Sat) One Way
$37.00 pick up fee (First 3 miles are free)
$2.50 Per Mile
Gurney Transport (one way) $130.00 Pick up fee (First 3 miles are free)
$3.50 Per mile
*Additional charges may apply for higher levels of service
Wheelchair use $15.00 per use
Immediate Response Call
(Reservation made the same day of transport )
$10.00 Ambulatory
$25.00 Wheelchair
$35.00 Stretcher
Out of Area Charge $10.00 Ambulatory
$25.00 Wheelchair
$35.00 Stretcher
Wait Time (after initial 15 minutes)
Night Call (7.00 PM-7.00 AM)
$10.00 for each 15 minutes
$15.00 each way additional
Wheelchair Bariatric (250lb-300lb)
Wheelchair Bariatric (300Ib-450lb)
Gurney (250lb-300lb)
Gurney (300lb-500lb)
$50.00 Additional
$100.00 Additional
$210.00 Additional
$300.00 Additional
*All calls will be charged pick up fee if no show .

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